Travel & Business Survival Chinese

These lessons are for adults interested in learning Survival Chinese for travel and business.

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    Level 1 (Travel)

  • The goal of the first Sessions (“Travel Chinese Level 1”) is to have a good command of practical Chinese language skills while traveling in China.
  • The student will master skills to enable basic conversation in different circumstances in Chinese, e.g. asking for directions, shopping, ordering food, etc.
  • Fundamental Chinese Characters used in “signs”, such as “entrance”, “exit”, “airport”, “restaurant”, “restroom”, “men’s restroom!”, etc. will be introduced.
  • Pinyin is the standard Mandarin Chinese “Romanization system” used for teaching pronunciation of the Chinese Characters and words. This is taught in China and also to Westerners learning the language. For example, the word for Dad or father is spelled 爸 爸 in Chinese characters, and bà ba in pinyin. The accent over the “a” (i.e. bà ) is a tone mark and helps the student learn to recognize and pronounce the 4 tones used in Mandarin Chinese.
    Level 2 (Beginning Business)

  • In Level 2 the student will learn more advanced phrases, colloquialisms (idioms), and dialogues, as well as how to bargain with the locals.
    Level 3 (Intermediate Business)

  • Level 3 lessons will focus on enabling the student to begin to participate in business-oriented dialogue with Chinese companies.

  • The first lesson is without long-term commitment so the student can decide if this meets their needs.
  • After the first lesson, if the student wishes to continue, the lessons are to be paid for in advance, 5 lessons at a time.