Welcome to Mandarin Chinese Conversation Classes for Beginners, ages from 7 – 12 or Adults.

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This course offers a uniquely effective approach to learning Chinese. Rather than being assigned heavy amounts of reading and writing, this course emphasizes learning through listening and speaking. Developed by a group of passionate and professional native Chinese teachers, this course will enable students to comfortably speak Chinese more quickly than most other curriculums.

Our live online sessions utilize a “Comprehensible Input” teaching style, which uses concrete object (e.g., apples) interactions and physical expressions (e.g., teacher’s gestures) to create strong associations between words and actions for understanding. This style is paired with reenactments from real-life situations to demonstrate how to use learned words in everyday life. Students are taught the standard phonetic system early on. Critical vocabulary and sentence patterns are taught with context using common scenarios. A variety of authentic materials is used to enrich our students understanding of both the language and culture.

The curriculum is designed to teach students with no or minimal prior background in Mandarin Chinese. By the end of this course, the students will be able to make statements, ask and respond to questions, and engage in short dialogue based upon culturally authentic situations. Students will have greater confidence when speaking with native Chinese people. Lastly, this course will lay out a strong foundation for mastering Chinese as a whole.

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